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Photo of WalkAide Myo-Orthotic Device
Advanced Orthodynamics Design is pleased to offer the WalkAide medical device.

Drop Foot Treatment

WalkAide System

Advanced Orthodynamics is very excited to be able to offer the WalkAide System to our clients with drop foot associated with central nervous system and spinal cord injuries. Imagine being able to take off your brace and walk with ease! And being able to wear sandals again.

For those who respond to the WalkAide stimulator, it's a new lease on life.


  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Discreet and can be worn with most clothing
  • Self contained with no external wires
  • Automatically adapts to changes in walking speed
  • Allows for walking on a variety of terrains
  • Designed for one-handed donning and doffing

How WalkAide Works

Unlike a traditional Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), WalkAide employs advanced sensor technology to actually analyze the movement of the leg and foot. WalkAide then sends electrical signals to the peroneal nerve, which runs along the outside of the lower leg and controls movement in the ankle and foot.

Gentle electrical impulses activate the muscles to raise the foot for a natural and efficient walking pattern.

What Do I Need to Do?

Commit to time for testing and training - about 5 hours in the first few weeks

The initial consultation is about an hour in length and will determine your suitability for the WalkAide.

After that we'll continue to see you in case you need further adjustments. For further information on the WalkAide, please visit their website at or please contact us directly.




Find a Provider Near You

Advanced Orthodynamics offers WalkAide assessment and support to clients in the Hamilton, Ontario region.

Others outside of our service area can find a qualified WalkAide provider through the International WalkAide Distributors web page.

Small and Discreet

Although WalkAide is a highly advanced medical device, it is surprisingly small and discreet, and quite easy to use. It consists of a battery-operated unti, two electrodes, and electrode leads.

WalkAide is worn directly on the leg and can be worn under most clothing. The result is a non-invasive solution to Drop Foot with no surgery required.